A wide spectrum of fully-integrated, customizable VC fund solutions

Brightpoint’s offer includes strategic advisory, comprehensive fund management services as well as white-labeled registered investment structures such as managed accounts or deal-by-deal platforms. As a fund solution “boutique”, we don’t aim at competing with major PE administrators, but rather see our value-added in our in-depth knowledge of the German venture capital market in which we have been operating since 1998. Former fund managers ourselves, we support clients with our expertise and capabilities as a reliable, equal business partner.


Fund business modelling

We help you manage your fund project, from pitch to waterfalls.

Fund advisory services

Some things are fundamental: We provide you with tailor-made, CFO-level advice.

Fund raising,
due diligence consulting

Whether on EIF- or other regulatory topics, we've been there and done it. Let us help you.

Fund Management Services

Data management

We provide a range of services, from data room
set-up to coordination.

Investor communication

Addressing increasing transparency requirements from your LPs.


Capital calls, distributions, deposits, withdrawals - we cover a range of transactions.

Portfolio controlling

Our services for your investment monitoring - and a KPI-based offering.

Fund reporting

Your quarterly fund reports and dashboards for an effective steering of your business.

Tax, audit, compliance

Covering the necessary regulatory tasks with our support and network.

White-labeled registered investment structures

BaFin registered entity

A way to manage
small AIFs.

Alternative investment models

Managed accounts,
deal-by-deal platforms
and SPVs.

Access to the VC market

Contact us to discuss the various fund vehicle options.